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Don’t Click (2012)

Don’t Click (2012)

Don't Click

N/A 93 min AsianHollywood

IMDb 4.9/10 331 votes

30 May 2012

1 nomination.


Jeong-mi lives alone with her older sister after their parents left for another country. She often uses the net to upload self-made videos, while in disguise, to garner internet notoriety. With the help of a friend, she got her hands on a blocked or forbidden video illegally. Unfortunately, a short time after, a series of escalating and horrifying events unfold to everyone who watches it. Now, her older sister, See Hee, has to find the way to save her younger sister from the curse of the video before she completely goes down the brink of insanity or something much worse.

a.k.a.: Mi-hwak-in-dong-yeong-sang , Mihwagin Dongyeongsang

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