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Proof of the Devil (2014)

Proof of the Devil (2014)

Proof of the Devil

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IMDb 5.0/10 72 votes

10 Feb 2015



A string of murders ended in the capture of an 18 yo boy named Jesse, who the media dubbed “The Butcher”. He was found guilty, and executed by lethal injection. Fast forward 3yrs, the boy’s mom, Kate, hires a documentary film crew to prove that Jesse was not an insane murderer, but rather was possessed by a demon who made him commit the murders. For the first time on TV, Kate will have the crew record her as she’s possessed by a demon. In order to prove Jesse’s innocence, Kate will find “Proof of the Devil”.

a.k.a.: The Exorcism Tapes , The Butcher of Louisiana , The Exorcism Tapes – Geheiligt werde dein Name

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